Deviation Hall


Sound Observatory New Orleans is an organization dedicated to the cultivation of new music in New Orleans.


In spring 2014 we began the renovation of an exciting new space that will become a performance lab and home to a series of artists in residence. Our mission is to create an optimal environment to foster and present new, original music, sound and visual installation, and creative performance in New Orleans.

Our vision includes sponsoring 4-6 artist residencies per year, dedicated to the creation of new work and collaboration with New Orleans artists in a facility that supports all aspects of the creative process. This project is an enormous undertaking, but we are incredibly excited about it. Our space is a beautiful building in the Bywater, in close proximity to a number of creative resources and individuals. We recognize the recent surge of attention and commerce to this historically artist-centered neighborhood and we think its the perfect time and space to inaugurate a neighborhood facility dedicated to new music.


HELP US turn this neglected Bywater home into Deviation Hall!

dev_donate_1Our Fundraising goal of $20,000 for this festival season will allow us to complete Phase I of the renovation

Replacing the Roof (See for yourself?)

Restoring Basic Plumbing

Securing the building

General Maintenance

Taxes and Legal Fees


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We stand in constant awe of the infectious creative spirit here in New Orleans, but for a city with such a deep and dedicated connection to it’s native sound, 2014 New Orleans is sorely lacking proper space and support for new work.

There are so many amazing musicians and artists we’ve met in out travels throughout the world, it would be a dream come true to be able to host them here in our hometown! We are so excited to realize the full potential of this vision, and create a new space.



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