Monocle Album Release April 2016!

Solo Album of All Original music written and played by Aurora. This album has been years in the making, and excited to finally put it out in the world!

New Royal Roses Album – April 2016!

With special guests James Evans & Mike Dillon. So excited to bring this album to your ears soon!

LINCOLN CENTER – July 1rst, Royal Roses

Come dance to the Royal Roses July 1rst at Lincoln Center. 7-10pm
Tickets now on sale!

Macdowell Colony Residency!!

Aurora was fortunate to be awarded a residency at the Macdowell Colony to continue work on a multimedia operetta based around Female Hysteria.  Macdowell is one of the oldest artist residencies in the country, and it’s an honor to be going their ranks:



The Dosti Music Project—a month-long creative collaboration between ten “Dosti Fellow” musicians from India, Pakistan, and the US—has a nine-day New Orleans residency March 9-17th.

Public Performances:

March 10: Open Ears, Blue Nile 10pm

March 13: Tigermen Den 7pm

March 15: Snug Harbor  8 & 10pm

The Dosti Music Project brings together ten musicians from Pakistan, India, and the U.S. for a monthlong residency and tour (February 23-March 21, 2015). An initiative of the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, produced by Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation, Dosti invites four Pakistanis, four Indians, and two U.S. musicians from a wide variety of traditions, ranging from Sufi singing to beatmaking to avant-guard jazz, to collaboratively write, record, and perform original music, re-invent traditional music, and develop initiatives that will make a positive impact on communities locally and internationally. Dosti, which means friendship in both Urdu and Hindi, seeks to transcend political and cultural barriers through cross-cultural musical collaboration.


Debut Album by Rory Danger & the Danger Dangers. Available Online:



Sound Observatory New Orleans is renovating this space to be an artist facility that fosters new, creative music in New Orleans. Please help us realize this exciting vision!!

One Beat Residency 2013



I’m thrilled to be have been selected to participate in the One Beat Residency this September.

30 young musicians from around the world gathering for one month to create new music, teach workshops and foster cultural exchange through the arts. We’ll be touring up the East coast showcasing the collaborations through concerts and community workshops. Culminating in concerts at Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center.

Check out One Beat here.


Threadhead Records Grant Recipients

RosieThe Royal Roses are happy to be partnering with the Theadhead Record Foundation in order to help create their next album, “Women Women Women”.  This album is centered around audio interviews of women from our Grandmothers generation (who lived through the 30’s and 40’s), and will consist of all original arrangements (and a few originals) and remixes of our own recordings of songs from that era. Using audio from interviews of my own Grandmother, as well as from those involved in the “Rosie the Riveter Homefront Oral History Project”, the voices of women from our grandmothers will be interwoven throughout the music and the Album. Anticipated release date, March 2013!

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