” In performance, Nealand brings an effervescence to her presentation whether she’s sitting onstage, standing on the street, or marching in a parade. Her eyes light up as the music ignites, and her smile encourages other musicians to play their best, and the audience to get into it and dance, bounce or sway. It’s obvious that she takes the music seriously, but that exploring while playing is an aesthetic priority. She is definitely one to watch as an innovator and creator.”

- Downbeat Magazine

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Every Week:                                                                      MONDAYS – Royal Roses @ the Maison 7-10pm                THURSDAY-Duo w/ Tom McDermott @ Buffas 11pm
Special Shows:
March 10: Dosti Music Project @ Open Ears, Blue Nile 10pm 
March 11: Jazz at the Sandbar w/ Aurora Nealand,  7pm
March 13 : Dosti Project @ Tigermen Den   7pm
March 15 : Royal Roses @ Spotted Cat  2-6pm
March 15 : Dosti Music @ Snug Harbor 8 & 10pm
March 16-22 : SXSW Music Fest w/Dosti Music Project
March 27: Royal Roses @ DBA 6-9pm                                 March 29: Royal Roses @ Spotted Cat 9-10pm                March 30: Redrawblak Trio @ Cafe Istanbul 10pm             April 10: Royal Roses @ French Quarter Festival 12- 1:15pm April 12: Rory Danger  @ FQFestival  3:45 – 5:15             April 21: Redrawblak trio @Blue Nile 10pm                          May 1rst: DANGERFEST @ Siberia  9pm

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    Macdowell Colony Residency!!

    It’s an honor to’ve been awarded a May residency at this amazing artist colony; continuing work on an operetta about Female Hysteria.

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  • DOSTI FLYER 3 copy


    Collaboration between Indian, Pakistani & American Musicians. New Orleans dates: March 10-17th, 2015

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  • cover-photo_400


    Debut Album by Rory Danger & the Danger Dangers. Available Online!

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