” In performance, Nealand brings an effervescence to her presentation whether she’s sitting onstage, standing on the street, or marching in a parade. Her eyes light up as the music ignites, and her smile encourages other musicians to play their best, and the audience to get into it and dance, bounce or sway. It’s obvious that she takes the music seriously, but that exploring while playing is an aesthetic priority. She is definitely one to watch as an innovator and creator.”

- Downbeat Magazine

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April 11:  Royal Roses @ French Quarter Fest  noon – 1:15
April 11: Royal Roses @ Fleur de Lindy Fest, midnight – 2am
April 12: Aurora w/ Tom McDermott, Palm Court 1-2pm
April 13: Aurora Interview w/Fred Kasten, US Mint  11:30am
April 13: Royal Roses @ Marigny Brasserie  7-10pm
April 16: Royal Roses @ Mimi’s in the Marigny 9pm
April 17: Aurora duo w/ Tom McDermott  - Buffas  8-11pm
April 18: Royal Roses at 3 muses, 6-9pm
April 20: Aurora & Megan Schwartz @ Sunset Series 6-7pm
April 21: Big Easy Music Awards
April 22: OPEN EARS Music Series w/Redrawblak trio  10pm
April 24: Aurora w/ Tom Mcdermott  @ Buffas  8-11pm
April 25: Royal Roses @ JAZZ FEST: Economy Hall 6-7pm

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    Sound Observatory New Orleans is renovating this space to be an artist facility that fosters new, creative music in New Orleans. Please help us realize this exciting vision!!

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    One Beat Residency 2013

    A musical residency and tour bringing cultures together with performances at Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center!

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    Threadhead Records Grant Recipients

    The Royal Roses receive a grant to complete their next album:
    “Women, Women, Women”

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